Pop Superstar Troye Sivan Reveals Future Plans For A Family. Can It Happen In His Home Nation Of Australia?

In an interview with the website Popjustice, Troye Sivan has revealed his desire to start a family in his future.


In the interview promoting his upcoming album, under the working title name TS2, Sivan spoke about how he'd like his career to pan out going forward, stating “I kind of hope it won’t be a straight line. I really want to ping-pong around a little bit.

“I think the happiest moments for me were when I was almost done with writing the album, and then I found out that I got this movie role, and cool stuff started to fall into place and I was having so much fun making all of it.

“I hope people keep funding my crazy creative pursuits. The real dream come true is when people said to me, ‘it’s time to make an album, who do you want to work with?’, and I said: ‘I would love to work with the Max Martin camp, Ariel Rechtshaid, my best friend Leland and Allie X.’ And everyone said yes. That, to me, is true success.

“That’s the thing that keeps me going: I want this to be a big commercial success so that I can keep on having wishlists.”


The interview then turned to the topic of starting a family, with Troye saying he 'definitely' sees that in his future. Although its not looking to be any time soon, with the star saying he wouldn't like children at this “particular moment, but when I think about the future that’s all I really think about.”

Sivan is currently dating Jacob Bixenman, and don't they just make the cutest parents?!

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