Popping Corks And Pecs And Communing With Camels

Andrew Shade was sweating it out on New Year's Day
Andrew Shade (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with Shade Andrew, who was sweating it out on New Year’s Day:

David McIntosh communed with camels:

Garrett Clayton channeled his best Celine Dion:

Dylan Efron spent his New Year’s vacation fly fishing in the Amazon:

Pierre Vuala vibed his way into 2023:

Fitness guru Shael Scott was all smiles for the New Year:

Gio Benitez and Tommy Didario enjoyed the winter wonderland of airy Aspen…

…while Killian chilled in Palm Springs:

Diego Barros was cooking it up in the kitchen:

Silverjow’s Hunks of the Week popped their cork in royal fashion:

Ken XY gave his Santa a New Year’s upgrade:

AdamBear became an official hot tub tester:

Sam Cushing looked back on a great 2022:

Fish and Sparrow pondered the week between Christmas and New Year’s:

Isaac Cole Powell prepared for his birthday:

Evan Lamicella spent New Year’s Eve getting thicker:

Jozea could be your new thang:

Lucien Laviscount flipped into the new year:

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