Popular Cartoon “Voltron: Legendary Defenders” Announced At San Diego Comic Con That One Character’s Gay

Its time for the gay geeks out there to celebrate!

San Diego Comic Con is happening right now and there’s all kinds of movie/tv show news and trailers being shared. Now, we have some LGBTQ related news to share with you all.

Fans of Voltron: Legendary Defender were recently delighted to learn that one of the main characters is officially gay!

Voltron: Legendary Defender is the modern remake of the 1980s children's cartoon Voltron: Defender of the Universe. This modern take on the series however has been championed and largely supported by an adult audience, and the creative team have adjusted the series so that it caters to both the young and the not so young.

Many within that not so young audience have been praying, asking, and almost screaming for two main characters in the Dreamworks/Netflix series to be gay/bisexual.

Unfortunately, the writing team seem to have no interest in turning Keith and Lance (the red and blue paladins respectfully) gay/bisexual. That said, a recent Comic Con announcement shows that someone else has been revealed to be gay.

Shiro, the black paladin and leader of the group, will be revealed to have had a male lover in the upcoming seventh season of the animated series.

This reveal was made through a screening of the new season's first episode at the official Voltron panel. Unfortunately, fans who got to see the panel are keeping most of what went on as a secret.

That said, Den of Geek shared that, "the official Voltron Twitter handle confirmed one element: in a flashback, you see Shiro with his significant other, Adam. The two share a tender emotional moment that will punch you right in the feels."

If you aren’t a fan of Voltron: Legendary Defender, it seems like now is a great time to go binge watch the show on Netflix. This is especially true as they also revealed that the show will end after its eighth season.

So, grab some popcorn, your friends/kids (remember, it’s a family friendly show), and get ready for Shiro’s gay romance scene.

h/t: Den of Geek, Pride

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