Popular London Gay Bar the Site of Homophobic Attack

A popular south London gay club, Eagle London, was the site of a recent horrific attack. Earlier this week a group of individuals, 2 men ages 42 and 30, and a woman age 20, were in the venue’s smoking area and they were asked to leave. According to Evening Standard, instead of cooperating, the trio became violent and started shouting homophobic language at bar staff. Additionally, the group began assaulting them leaving one staff member with a fractured skull and another with a fracture foot.

The attackers were arrested and later released under investigation.

Detective Constable Phill Govett, the investigating officer said:

This was a particularly vicious attack which stemmed from a minor incident and involved the use of homophobic language. Hate crime in any form will not be tolerated by police and we will take all possible action to bring perpetrators of these offences to justice.

Eagle London is known for its weekly drag shows and dance nights established in 2004. The bar prides itself in being “the most eclectic and inclusive venue London has to offer” it’s beyond disappointing that this incident occurred in yet another of the LGBTQ’s safe spaces. Eagle London has not responded to our request for comment, but they did issue a public comment:



h/t: Evening Standard

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  1. Note that what isn’t being

    Note that what isn't being reported here is the fact that this was another anti-gay attack by Muslims. The issue here wasn't just homophobia but religious intolerance. The media often obfuscates things in their efforts to be diplomatic, or maybe to not incite reactionary violence. Sometimes in their efforts they end up creating more fear and further terrorizing us. I don't think a bunch of us are going to go out and terrorize Muslims in retaliation, if that is what in fact their concern was that led to them not reporting this fact. Remember though, although Muslims across the world have been attacking gays, as with any religious group, including Muslims, some members hate us but most do not.


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