Pornhub Created A Mirror Site For LGBT’s Privacy?

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Pornhub’s actually concerned about LGBTQ protections?

Adult film site Pornhub has recently announced the arrival of a mirror site that keeps users from being discovered in their adult content viewing. Specifically, the site has announced the arrival of a mirror site on the Tor browser.


Tor is a separate browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The thing that splits Tor apart from the rest is its emphasis on anonymous internet surfing. According to the Next Web, the browser hides a user’s “identity and location by rerouting network packets through three layers of nodes located in different countries. This pretty much takes away any website or third-party tracker’s ability to uncover details about the person who’s accessing the site.”

But is Tor worth getting for Pornhub alone? Honestly, that’s more of a personal question than one we can answer. Though, the browser can be used with a few other mirrored sites like Facebook, BBC, and the New York Times.

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And why did Pornhub optimize an onion site for Tor? And why are we talking about it here? Because through a blog post, Pornhub said it created the Tor mirror to protect LGBTQ people.


The move serves to bolster user privacy, ensure network security, and alleviate concerns about browsing habits among LGBT users whose preferences remain criminalized in certain countries.

But this isn’t the first time that the site has tried to keep its users’ privacy safe. The company has a VPN service to ensure private browsing and has switched HTTPS to block ISPs from tracking what users watch.

So watch with a clear conscious, users. At least, in terms of your privacy.

Sources: The Next Web

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