‘Pose’ Star Indya Moore Assaulted by Man In Dispute Over Trump 2020 Sign

Indya Moore goes for the MAGA hat of an angry Trump supporter on the NYC streets.


Indya Moore, star of FX’s ‘Pose’ recently got into a scuffle with a rambunctious Trump supporter on the Streets on New York City.  In a video seemingly shot by the man in the altercation, Moore can be seen attempting to confiscate a large Trump 2020 banner from the sidewalk allegedly in front of the studio where she was filming. A woman out of the frame can be heard yelling to Indya, “That’s private property, sweetheart!”


There seems to have been some conflict between them that transpired before the video began recording because Moore expressly tells the man “Well…you’re not a fan of our show, and we don’t want you to be a fan of our show.”

Indya Moore stands up to an angry Trump supporter on the NYC streets.

Things quickly got physical with an aggressive tug of war over the sign between Moore and the Trump supporter. It became more intense as others intervened and the man began violently pushing Moore and the bystanders who were trying to deescalate the altercation. Ultimately and thankfully the NYPD arrived to break it all up as the video abruptly ends.

The video was posted on the Facebook page of Dion Cini, who some have speculated is the man who engaged in the heated confrontation. It appears to be him from what we see in his profile picture, and the same Trump 2020 banner appears behind him in the image.


Without seeing the entire video or having been a witness to it, I have no idea how it all began. Many are in the thread claiming that Indya was wrong for touching the man’s property, but we don’t know what prompted it. What I do know though is that he is the one who physically put his hands on her and others, which equates to a physical assault.

As you can imagine, many of the comments in the Pro-Trump thread are disgusting at best, but that’s no surprise there. It’s just another day in Trumpmerica.

Check out the video for yourself and feel free to chime in on Dion Cini’s wall and ours!


18 thoughts on “‘Pose’ Star Indya Moore Assaulted by Man In Dispute Over Trump 2020 Sign”

  1. By trying to shift the blame from Indya Moore to the Trump supporter, you are widening the gap between the LBGT community and the rest of the world. Anyone with a brain can see through this hypocrisy. Indya Moore is clearly in the wrong and so is anyone talking to the contrary.

  2. Your headline states she was assaulted and wasn’t having it…It looks more like the bitch was trying to steal the sign and got caught in the act.. She should have been charged and if not the guy should have knocked her on her self righteous ass..

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  4. them democrats have step on too many people they act like trump people don’t have right’s. In my state of arkansas a lady senator was shot and killed last week because she was investigating hillary clinton over stealing money from a childrens fund. Shot and killed in her driveway the democrats need to be locked up they are out of control and i hope they lock up schumer and pelosi and hillary clinton and throw away the key. democrats are the new drug cartel and mafia. Actually worse they are criminals

  5. “assaulted”? “confiscate”?

    How terrible is the author of this article in getting basic facts?
    She is not an authority. She can’t confiscate.
    The proper term here is stealing.

    Also, pushing back, even using force when defending yourself and your property is a normal human reaction.
    Unless you think people who defend themselves and their property against burglars and thieves are assaulting the criminals.

    She needs to be held accountable for this stunt.

  6. I appreciate that you watch Law & Order reruns enough to think you’re an expert, but if larceny was the actual objective, Indya would have been arrested and charged with such by one of the 5 NYPD officers who arrived on the scene. She was not.

    My post will remain. Probably it is your comment that would be better deleted.

    • You think you’re doing your cause a favor by spinning events like this to make your side look like victims, but you’re gonna get more people killed. Just like Michael Brown and countless other minorities have been killed because they believed they were so oppressed that the law no longer applied to them, that they could just go off on any random person because the system was supposedly so unfair and unjust. This is just more more “hands up don’t shoot” BS. You are contributing to a false oppression/victim mentality that is getting minorities killed.

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  8. Not sure why this is not going directly under Brett’s comment, but …

    Condoning more violence and resorting to childish “you’re a loser” comments. We have a winner!

  9. There’s no proof in that video that Indya even knew that propaganda paraphernalia belonged to that guy. It was likely perceived to be an eyesore. Political displays are a dime a dozen. Is it wrong that she moved it? Yes. She should have asked people nearby if that was theirs. I don’t see any intent to take someone’s property, defining it as theft. I would honestly done the same thing. That had no place blocking the sidewalk anyway. The indisputable fact it she was assaulted. Let’s be clear. He was rude, did not try to communicate effectively or defuse the situation. He immediately started grabbing, shoving, pushing and going on a childish profanity laced tirade. Both sides bear some responsibility but the assault is irrefutable and unacceptable.

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  11. Wow – Moore committed larceny that can be very well articulated into robbery by the use of force under NYS PL. I believe you ought to educate yourself about laws or delete your post.

  12. I love that you twisted “steal” into “confiscate”. Delusional much? Shes not a cop. She can’t confiscate anything. She got caught in the midst of petty larceny of his property. She’s a thief, it’s that simple

  13. He”assualted” her by trying to keep her from stealing his property. You’re a clown and this is the fake news everyone talks about. He should’ve punched her in the face for stealing his stuff. You’re a loser

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  15. All of u can go to hell he had no business being negative disrespecting them they trying to celebrate their premier white folk are so stupidly privileged now print that and i care less what you think

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  17. Indya Moore absolutely instigated this. Watch the FULL Video not the cut version. Just because you don’t like someone’s free speech, does not get you the right to steal, destroy or even touch their property.

  18. It looks like she started it. It even appears the sign was caught up in a bike and the mam thought she was helping for a moment. While I haven’t seen the whole video and can’t say for certain either, it appears she was attempting to steal someone’s property. In fact it’s obvious.


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