“Pose’s” Indya Moore Raised Thousands For Black Queer Folk

Pictured: Indya Moore as Angel in ‘Pose’ Season 2 episode “Acting Up.” / Image via FX & Macall Polay

QPOC have found a guardian angel in Indya Moore. In fact, this Hollywood talent has donated their own money (and raised even more) in a form of direct support during the pandemic.

Back in March, Indya Moore, of FX show Pose, donated $3,000 to more than 50 “Black queer and trans folks facing financial crisis during this time.” But according to PinkNews, that wasn’t the end of Moore’s philanthropic efforts.

After Moore’s initial donation, they received feedback that others wanted to donate and give to Black trans and queer people in need. Because of that, they set up a Cash App account, $indyaamoore, to allow people to give donations of $50 or more.

As Moore shared on Instagram:

“Black trans women are the last of us all to receive help and resources, if any at all. It’s really important to me to prioritise those who will always be thought of last, if thought of at all. I am looking at all requests and I am looking at all trans folks in need however I am prioritising the needs of Black trans women first, the ones who are least likely to have friends, boyfriends and families checking in or present at all.”


Moore then spoke to Vogue to elaborate more on their COVID-19 relief and mutual aid efforts. Moore first stated how they didn’t want to see QPOC ignored like they were when the AIDS epidemic first hit.

“Queer and trans people were literally left alone to die. I don’t want to see trans and queer folks slip through the cracks while everyone else is receiving so much help and attention. There are so many great drives and fundraising efforts for those who are hungry or don’t have access to essentials, but the last people to receive these things are usually trans people. When it comes to these giant initiatives, we don’t know who is behind the selection process, who is choosing who gets to have food and resources and whatever else. I think it’s important to take direct action and think about these things when we’re living in a world that universally ostracizes trans people in every possible way.”

They later shared joy at seeing the sharing of wealth during this trying time.

“It’s also been really emotional to see how many folks, especially those who aren’t trans, really care about our community,” they explained. “There are so many trans and queer people who are pleading for help right now, and while this has been a rewarding experience for me, it’s also been a difficult one.”

Moore then added:

“Right now, I think it’s great that in response to COVID-19 we’re seeing so much wealth distribution and we’re essentially practicing socialism. This should be something that we should continue to always do. We can hopefully continue to look out for the health and the wellness and the welfare of the most marginalized people always and not just during a crisis. That’s what equality looks like. I just hope that the response we’re starting to see can become the social norm and people can start talking about things that are getting harder to hide, like the oppression of black and brown people, of trans and queer folk.”

If you wish to help Indya Moore support Black trans and queer people, you can support their initiative by donating to their cashapp account $indyaamoore.

Source: PinkNews, Vogue

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