Post-Divorce, Justin Utley Is Moving Forward & “Waiting For Love”

OUTMusic Award winning singer/songwriter Justin Utley is dealing with the ending of a marriage in the best way he knows how; he’s putting it into his art. In his latest video “Waiting For Love”, Utley is opening up about his experiences diving back into the dating scene since divorcing his husband. 

“It’s been difficult getting reacquainted into the scene,” Utley admits. “I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fit in with the new cultural expectations both inside and outside our community.”

“Waiting For Love”, the third single from his Scars album, is a throwback to Utley’s  style of alt-country rock, but this time with an element of anthemic rock included. “In the end, I think I’ve learned that instead of spending so much time trying to find love or waiting for it to happen, it’s best to stop and let love find me.”


Utley says his marriage entered into chaos about two thirds of the way into the recording of his Scars album. “It’s been rough trying to piece together what the particular straw was that broke it,” he explains. “There were layers of problems from the beginning, some of which I didn’t come to understand until after we had gotten married, and others after it had ended.”

After meeting his ex in 2014 in Utah while visiting family. Justin was instantly attracted. “The whole time we chatted, I was trying to not make it so obvious that I was attracted to him”. From their backgrounds to values, to family dynamics, Justin noted that they had a great deal in common.

The pair married October 08, 2016 at a ceremony at the historic Union Pacific Train Station terminal in Salt Lake City. “We rushed things,” Justin concedes today. “By the time I relocated to Utah to be with him, we hadn’t spent more than a few days every other weekend together. That’s not a lot of day-to-day time to really get to know someone. It turns out he wasn’t ready to take on a marriage and I wasn’t ready to admit that we weren’t the right match.”

The biggest lesson he has learned from the relationship is simple; slow down. He is learning to enjoy each exciting step of a new romance, and get back to his roots, which are are showcased in the colorful new video for “Waiting for Love.”

The director and he chose some beautiful and scenic country landscapes that truly capture the feel of the song.  Railroad tracks, mountains and canyons are showcased, along with three of Utah’s most popular drag queens: The Whore of 94 (current Miss Gay Utah), KayBye and Electra Jones. They help to blend Justin’s old country persona with his new single one today.

“I’m happy flying solo,” Justin attests. “If another relationship happens, it won’t be because I was searching, needing, or waiting for it. I’m focusing on a relationship I had put on the back burner for a few years: my music. It’s the one thing that has been loyal, patient, forgiving, and understanding of me my entire life.”

Justin Utley’s “Waiting for Love” is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms, along with the entire Scars album.

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