Post Final Episode, Wendy Williams Retrieves Talk Show Memorabilia

While the final episode of The Wendy Willams Show has aired, fans were wondering what happened to the pieces of the show that helped create the decade-plus fabric of the talk show titans show. When initial reports leaked that wigs, other memorabilia and-gasp-Wendy’s iconic purple chair would be throw out in the trash, fans were outraged, and apparently, were not the only ones. Wendy’s manager Will Selby revealed to The Sun that he and Williams went to the studio to retrieve shoes, wigs, art, and yes, Wendy’s iconic purple chair. “That was her’s and it signifies the old chapter closing as we start the new one,” Will went on to say. “We are going to take it, and that will be part of her new show,”


Meanwhile, many fans wondered why Williams didn’t appear on the final episode of The Wendy Willams Show, which closed out the 14th and final season with Sherri Shepherd hosting (Shepherd will be transitioning to her own talk show, Sherri, this fall). The Sun reports that it was Willams’ own choice not appear, receiving an invitation to do so and subsequently declining. “They were not doing it live, but asked Wendy for pre-taped video” an insider said. “She still said no” going on to say “She’s not at peace with what happened. She’s not happy with it”.

Meanwhile, Wendy Willams spoke to TMZ late last week (in her famed purple chair) and confirmed that she will in fact, be doing a podcast. Wendy discussed being able to podcast from absolutely anywhere, but was coy in her naming of who potentially would be her first guest. As for what Wendy wants do in her newest iteration, Williams briefly mentioned something to do with sneakers (possibly via HSN?) and confirmed that she is “100% retired from The Wendy Williams Show”. She also confirmed that she is retired from television, other than a possible guest hosting gig on a show like The View. TMZ also reported that everyone from Snoop Dogg to the Kardashian clan to a family member of the Trump family are all in the mix about potentially being guests on Williams’ new podcast. 

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