Gay German Pop Star & Reality TV Celeb, Daniel Küblböck, Reported Missing At Sea

German gay pop singer and reality TV celeb, Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck, is reported to have jumped off the balcony of a cruise ship and is considered lost at sea.

The Sun is reporting that Daniel Küblböck, a finalist on Pop Idol, Germany’s version of American Idol, and also a competitor on Let’s Dance and Big Brother, was traveling on an Aida Cruise ship from Hamburg, Germany, to New York when witnesses apparently saw him jump from a balcony into the ocean near the coast of Newfoundland.

The Canadian coast guard sent out search planes and helicopters to the area where Küblböck was thought to have jumped, but so far authorities have been unable to find him.

Aida Cruises issued this statement confirming that Küblböck had, indeed, gone missing:

The cruise ship AIDAluna was on the sea route to Newfoundland when a person jumped overboard in the early hours of September 9 2018. The captain and crew of AIDAluna have immediately taken all necessary rescue measures, in close coordination with the local competent authorities. A cabin check was performed, which confirmed that a male guest was missing. The missing person is Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck. The ship was stopped as a precautionary measure and returned to the spot where the incident was accepted. The search continues. AIDA Cruises fully cooperates with the authorities and works hard to find the missing person. As soon as further information is available, we will make it available.

The 33-year-old had recently worried fans due to a dark message posted to social media which has since been deleted.

In what appeared to be a reference to his own mental health, Küblböck wrote last month, “Dear fans, unfortunately I am still mentally and physically not getting better.”

“I have yet to cope with this pain of the last few months,” he added.

Fans took to social media to express hopes that the musician would somehow still be found.



(h/t The Sun)

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