“Power Bottom” Lil Nas X Teases New Song

Image via Twitter @LilNasX

We now know the release date for Lil Nas X’s debut album.

It’s funny to think that with all the music releases we’ve gotten from Lil Nas X in the past two or three years, we have yet to get a full album from him. But that will soon change, according to the musician himself.


In a new promo video released on Twitter and TikTok, Lil Nas X revealed that the Montero, which is the artist’s legal name, will drop on September 17.

“Creating this album has been therapy for me,” Lil Nas X wrote to caption the announcement video. “I’ve learned to let go of trying to control people’s perception of who I am, what I can do, and where I will be. I’ve realized the only opinion of me that really matters is my own.”


In the actual video, Lil Nas X continues with the narrative he’s created after the “Satan Shoes” controversy. Taking place after the jailbreak in the Industry Baby music video, Lil Nas X plays a news anchor reporting on the incident.

“Power bottom rapper Lil Nas X and his caucasian friend [Jack Harlow] led a prison escape this morning,” reports the anchor. “The talentless homosexual was sentenced to five years in prison. Investigators say anybody who comes into contact with the power bottom contact authorities immediately.”

But that’s not all, a portion of Lil Nas X’s song, “That’s What I Want” plays. In it, Lil Nas X sings, “Need a boy who can cuddle with me all night. I want someone to love me, I need someone who needs me.”


Lil Nas X also tweeted out that he’s entering a “power bottom era.”

We’re excited to see what Lil Nas X does further to promote the album. Just a week before it drops, Lil Nas X will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards. Seeing as his “Montero (CMBYN)” performances have been viral/trending hits, like the time he ripped his pants on SNL or the time he kissed his backup dancer at the BET Awards, we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

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    • Agree! He is like Halloween, look at me, look at me, let me try to shock you as much as I can. If you have to do this, it’s his way to cover up the fact that his music is really not that good. Yawn!


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