Premier League and Stonewall Team Up To Make Sport More LGBT Friendly

It's no secret that soccer as a whole has been supportive of LGBT rights. Whether in the US or abroad, there are many examples of leagues, teams, and individual players showing support for LGBT equality. There is also Robbie Rogers who has been openly out and played for the LA Galaxy for the last 4 years, before announcing his retirement early last week.

ESPN reports that the Premier League, the top association of soccer clubs in the UK is working to make the sport even more opening and inclusive for LGBT players and employees. Premier League is teaming up with UK LGBT rights group Stonewall

The partnership will work to see more LGBT participation and crack down on anti-gay abuse. 

Later this month the is a "Rainbow Laces" event where athletes and participants are encouraged to buy rainbow laces and wear them to games in support of the LGBT Community. 

Stonewall chief executive Ruth Hunt said of the partnership "This is an important milestone for football [soccer], and for sport. The Premier League have stepped up and demonstrated how committed they are to helping make football inclusive and welcoming of LGBT people."

It's exciting to see the sport be open and inclusive to LGBT people and rights and hopefully this will continue to translate into other leagues and sports in the future. 

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