“Pretty Dudes” Is An LGBTQ Web Series With Hot Guys, Diverse Storytelling, And A Lot Of Heart

We’re just discovered Pretty Dudes and we had to share it with all of you.


Pretty Dudes is an American web series about a group of friends making a bet. More specifically, openly gay Zario is unlucky in love. His four straight male friends and his one female friend joke around that he’s dealing with the “pretty boy curse.” They then decide that each one will set Zario up with a blind date, and they’ll bet to see who he’ll pick. The story blossoms from there.

The series was created by Los Angeles-based creative Chance Calloway. He decided to create a story that expressed his real life situation of being surrounded by straight friends while also giving a voice to diverse perspectives.

While the series centers around Zario (who’s played by Bryan Michael Nuñez) and his many dates, the series is also very much about the friends that surround him.

Sunji (played by Yoshi Sudarso) is a loveable goof who’s trying to get more work as an actor and get more time with his ex. Ellington (Xavier Avila) is a charming playboy who’s considering settling down with his girlfriend Mandy… to everyone’s disgust. Alexander (Kyle Rezzarday) is a gaming nerd who loves anything geeky, but has trouble with noticing a certain someone’s flirtations. Then finally, Jay (Tae Song) is the jerk with a heart who’d do anything for his friends and especially his best friend Zario.


The series is funny yet poignant. One second you'll see the friends jumping around to avoid a spider, and the next you’ll watch conversations about the Asian-American perspective and the need for inclusivity in entertainment media.

On top of that, Pretty Dudes is very sexy and was created for the gay male and female gaze. Shirtless men, butt shots, and sexual innuendos are abound in this series. That said, as each episode goes along, the story matures more and focuses more on the characters and less on their bodies. This then creates a truly fleshed out story.


Plus, with season two already crowdfunded, written, and in pre-production, fans (both new and old) have the guarantee of more content on the way.

But, lets stop talking about the series and just show it to you. If you want to check out Pretty Dudes for yourself, you can click hear for the season 1 playlist on Youtube. Otherwise, you can start with the pre-season short and first episode down below.

Or, you can click here for a non-spoiler review of season 1.

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