Pride Fort Lauderdale Planning One Heck Of A Pride Weekend!

One of my Facebook Friends was at Hunter's Wilton Manors last night (their Sunday Night is EPIC!) and shared dance floor video captioning it, "This is what freedom feels like."  I have to agree Jim, living in Fort Lauderdale and having Wilton Manors at your fingertips, it sure does feel like freedom.  Living in a city where it doesn't really cross your mind that wait… I'm gay and that makes me different. It just really doesn't happen. We're all human and love is love. 

Granted, the epicenter of gay love in Southern Florida is Wilton Manors, the little island city is surrounded by Fort Lauderdale and other FTL burbs.  Fort Lauderdale is full of LGBT love.  I just moved into my new home this week and met the lesbian couple next door, the gay couple on the other side, but still have to meet the owners of 4 other abutting properties, all gay, and I wasn't even aiming to move into a gay neighborhood! 

It's so easy to show your PRIDE living in Fort Lauderdale … you just have to be who you are and that's it. 

My first couple of years living/renting here, I didn't attend the Pride Fort Lauderdale events in February. They were in a park, had vendors and, well, I just didn't give it the time of day. These past two years… WOW! What an incredible and positive difference it has been since moving PRIDE to the Fort Lauderdale Beach, imho. 

Let's look at 2019 and what the heck is happening this week at Pride Fort Lauderdale.  I so wanted to embed the video from this Facebook post, but alas, I didn't have the ability.  It sums up the whole 4 day celebration. 

Did you click on the link or the pic above and catch all of that? Well, here's more of the breakdown of events.  And to get to and from the beach, check out the infographs at the end of this post.

THURS – Feb 21st 

BRING IT TO THE RUNWAY!!!  A little distance away from the beach, you'll find FASHION to be all about PRIDE as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL. 




FRIDAY – Feb 22nd  &  SATURDAY – Feb 23rd

I've had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at AirOtic this past week as my roommates are heavily involved in the Sunshine Cathedral.  The talent, the visuals, the costumes, and lack there of are just some of the reasons to check out the erotic AirOtic. 

AirOtic will be flying high over audiences at the Sunshine Cathedral on Friday, Feb. 22 and Saturday, Feb. 23. Get tickets at for this official Pride event.

You can check out the PrideFortLauderdale Facebook Page for all of this information and more. 


Miss Major Griffin-Gracy and Mayor Dean Trantalis will be the parade grand marshals on Saturday, Feb. 23. Miss Major was an eyewitness to the police raids that sparked the Stonewall Riots and Mayor Trantalis made history as our city's first openly gay mayor.

ERMAHGAWD!  My first ever PRIDE was in Portland, Maine and the Saturday night dance was on the Maine State Pier, aw, the good ol' days.  And who was performing that night on stage?!?! None other than this icon. Not sure I can contain it. 

Pepper MaShay will be performing live on a float in the #PrideFortLauderdale Carnaval parade on Saturday, Feb. 23 

And for the people wanting so see some beautiful women, WWE superstar WWE Sonya Deville will be celebrating Pride in Fort Lauderdale! She'll be appearing in the parade and a TV crew from E!'s "Total Divas" will be filming her all weekend at Pride events for an upcoming episode!


What's a pride without a block party? Well, it's still fun, but come on!  Go to the BLOCK PARTY!

The Spectacular Fort Lauderdale Pride Parade & Block Party!!! Live darlings live!
Now crack that fan!!!



SUNDAY – Feb 24th

"American Idol" fan favorite Ada Vox invites you to join her at Pride Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, Feb. 24 at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park.

But it apparently seems that bookface had an issue with Ada's cleavage. 

I'm truly excited about this year's offering.  I had an amazing time last year on the beach and this year will be even better.

As I mentioned above. Living in Fort Lauderdale is a dream, paradise, almost unreal. Adn to go back to my friend's statement, "This is what freedom feels like."  It looks like Pride Fort Lauderdale is throwing out all the stops to share that feeling of freedom with everyone and anyone that wants to have a taste. 

If you are unable to attend this year's Pride Fort Lauderdale, start booking now for next year.  As we covered in an earlier post – Mark Your Calendars – Pride of the Americas in 2020 Planned for Fort Lauderdale.

Pictures and video from Pride Fort Lauderdale

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