Pride Series: Jason Silverman & Khasan Brailsford Are Balancing Their Relationship With Globetrotting & Touring With Superstars

From the beginning of their relationship, for corporate businessman Jason Silverman & choreographer Khasan Brailsford, it’s always been all about the balance. Jason continues tackling the business world, while Khasan travels the world touring with global superstars like Katy Perry & Pink. While managing to squeeze in some time at some of the most stunning locales in the world (Maui & Croatia among others) and reality television (Khasan was a cast member on Logo’s Fire Island), Jason and Khasan are now preparing for marriage and making even more worldwide memories. I caught up with Jason & Khasan to talk about how they’re managing during quarantine, juggling very different careers, and if a return to reality television could be in the cards. 

MC: How is quarantine treating the two of you and how is being in close quarters this much been for the two of you?

Jason Silverman/Khasan Brailsford: Khasan actually tore his achilles in the beginning of March while we were visiting some friends out in California and was housebound after his surgery. It was the perfect time for me to work from home and be able to help out in the beginning stages of his recovery. It’s been nice to have a lot of quality time together, especially after a few years of Khasan touring with Pink. We’ve just been cooking a ton and binge watching everything imaginable.

MC: How did the two of your meet initially?

JS/KB: We met five years ago during Pride weekend here in New York City through some mutual friends. We wound up hanging out most of the weekend and really hitting it off. We lived in different cities at the time (NY and Los Angeles), but we kept talking & texting after that weekend and haven’t stopped since.

MC: When did you both know that this was going to be “it”?

JS/KS: It was the same for both of us – when we spent a week together in Hawaii. Khasan was performing there with Katy Perry and invited me out to visit. We had hung out a lot prior to this, but usually just for a weekend here or there. This was a long way to travel and we would be spending a week together so it prompted a lot of DTR (“Defining The Relationship”) talk. We had the best time exploring the island of Maui and really getting to know each other better. It was definitely a turning point in our relationship for both of us.

MC: Khasan you are a dancer and have toured with some of the biggest stars in the world, while Jason you are in the business world. How do you two navigate such different professional lives and come together in your off-hours?

JS/KB: It’s actually worked out really well. Khasan was on tour for the majority of the past two years so in the beginning of each year, we would map out all the upcoming shows and figure out when and where we would see each other. We tried to not go more than three weeks when possible, except when Khasan was touring in Australia. When he’s on the road, we stay in touch all the time and our visits were always an adventure, which kept it fun. Khasan’s tour family was incredibly welcoming – he works with some of the best people, and they could not have been kinder. As far as our jobs being different, it really seems to work as we both always have something to talk about that’s unique to the other one.

MC: Khasan, you were on the Logo reality show Fire Island and reality shows are known to be absolutely treacherous for some relationships. How did the two of your manage to make it out unscathed? Any thoughts on a second season and would you both do it?

JS/KB: We think we made it through unscathed because we really didn’t behave any differently on camera than we would off camera. Fire Island also brought Khasan to NYC with a lot more frequency, so a big benefit was getting to see each other more. As far as a second season, we had a lot of fun filming this and would definitely to it.

MC: Wedding planning; what is happening, who is being the groomzilla, what can you tell us

KB: Luckily we were already taking our time on planning, so we didn’t have any solid plans yet. Our guest list is slowly coming together and the next big hurdle is trying to figure out location as our families are on separate coasts. If by groomzilla, you mean following dozens of wedding accounts on Instagram and constantly sending posts, it would have to be Khasan.

MC: Travel seems to be a big part of your relationship; where are some of the best and your most favorite places that you both have been able to travel to?

JS/KB: Travel is definitely a big part of our relationship with Khasan working as much as he does. We even have a huge world map in our bedroom where we pin the places we’ve gone and dream about where we want to go next. Specifically, Maui is high on the list like we mentioned, as we both fell in love with the island and that was really where we started to solidify our relationship. We traveled to Fiji when Khasan was on break from tour in Australia, which felt like a pre-honeymoon honeymoon. The people are wonderful and the country itself is gorgeous. Croatia was also an amazing trip, not only because of the country itself but because it’s where we got engaged. Rio is another top destination of ours.

MC: What do you think the secret is to your relationship’s longevity and success?

JS/KB: We had clear, honest and direct communication from the start which we both think was essential to maintaining a long distance relationship and still remains crucial. We also encourage each other to keep growing and evolving. We are supportive of one another, but also push the other to be the best version of himself.

MC: Children; think they could be a possible next step? What kind of parent do you think the other would be?

JS/KB: We both think the other would be a great father, but for now we are thrilled to be guncles to a number of adorable kids for our friends and families.

MC: Where do you both see your lives in the next five years?

JS/KB: Happily married and discovering favorite new places the world.


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