#PrideBeats: Billy Porter Drops The Pride Season Stomper “Love Yourself”

There is no better word to describe the divine Billy Porter other than a complete sensation! This multi-talented, halfway to an EGOT, gender bending superstar dropped his brand new track “Love Yourself” yesterday and it’s the perfect Pride anthem from someone who chooses to live life on his absolute own terms, ensuring that he is “loving himself” (and encouraging us to do so) at all times! 

Porter tells billboard.com exclusively that “Love Yourself” was crafted when “D. Smith is a transgender writer and producer who created the song, and (my manager) Bill Butler and Carmen (Cacciatore) found it. They presented the song to me and I loved it and thought it was a great idea. I have a good team behind me, so it really was my manager that came up with the idea to do it”!


As for more music forthcoming, Porter goes on to say “My goal is to sort of reenter mainstream R&B and soul music by next year. By this time next year, I hope to be releasing the album that’s connected to this song”. 

As an added bonus, the always consistent international DJ/Remixer Barry Harris released his “Barry Harris Club Remix” of “Love Yourself, that adds a whole new layer of ferocity onto the track! The beats harder, Porter’s voice seems almost richer, and the message even more stark, complete with a lush dance beat absolutely perfect for summer dance floors everywhere! There will be forthcoming mixes from Ralphi Rosario, Michael Gray & John J-C Carr, so keep a eye out for the whole package very soon! 

Could 2020 be the year that Billy Porter adds another Grammy to his mantle? The real question though, is what designer is going to fashion his sure to be fierce red carpet look!?

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