#PrideBeats: DJ Joe Gauthreaux & DJ Leanh Give Saara Aalto’s Anthem Of Self Acceptance The Remix Treatment

Saara Aalto knows a little something about persistence; this Finnish vocal sensation competed on the first season of The Voice-Finland (finishing second), as well as finishing as the runner-up in the thirteenth series of The X Factor-UK. Finally, she had the privilege of representing Finland in Eurovision Song Contest 2018, and managed to qualify for the Grand Final finishing in 25th place! The worldwide acclaims that she received for her talents helped propel her to a role as judge on The X Factor-Suomi

Aalto’s breathtaking vocals have helped propel her new single, the suddenly very timely “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”, up the charts. This is in no small part due to the video, which is full of messages of simply being proud for standing out. 


We can always count on the magical dance floor pairing of DJ Joe Gauthreaux and DJ Leanh to once again, morph these blissful ballad into a dance floor stomper. Putting throbbing drums behind Aalto’s voice and some creatively placed drops throughout an almost deconstructed chorus help craft the track into the perfect kind of dance floor anthem. The kind of anthem that simply calls for some much needed positivity and a need to hit the dance floor, no matter who you love-and no matter who’s watching you turn it on that very dance floor.

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