#PrideBeats; Jipsta’s New Album “Swaggerific” Gives Us A Fresh Look At The East Coast Artist

East coast artist Jipsta has always managed to fuse his New York sensibilities with a litany of musical styles. From rap to hip hop to good old fashioned pop music, Jipsta (ne’ JP Masterson) just dropped his new album Swaggerific, crafting the absolute perfect definition for this package. It combines classic Jipsta with some new and experimental aspects, conspiring to make a fantastic sound and some great summer tracks! 


From the first track, the regal sounding “7th Grade”, Jipsta’s raps are crisp, sharp, and have a definite reflective tone. “Team Too Much” has a darker perspective and experimental instrumentations, while “No Talent Rappers” is a true homage to some of his fellow performers who may or may not be able to spit a rhyme or put pen to paper with the intricate talent that Jipsta is able to do it with. 

“Stomp 2019” gives the current music scene a much needed jolt of 90’s style house, sounding like the track is ripped completely from a 90’s mixtape with Jipsta’s slick rhymes front and center. “Berenena” is a much deeper mood indeed, with an ode to something so many of us absolutely adore, but told in the smoothest of ways. 


Much of what gives Swaggerific it’s true “swag” is the roster of guest stars that Jipsta has lined up on the package, with each one adding their own flavor to the mix of music. Sharon T checks in on “New Man” with a soothing and slick hook reminiscent of some true girl group style, a la Total or Xscape. Longtime collaborator DJ Ranny partners up with Jipsta on “(Hit It) From The Back” on a real and raw track giving us a peek of a darker Jipsta with earthy and tribal tones courtesy of the famed DJ & remixer. 

With his established styles firmly intact and hints of new musical inspirations sprinkled throughout, Swaggerific is a fantastic summer outing from one of our favorite LGBT artists. 

Grab Swaggerific here and all all music streaming platforms: https://open.spotify.com/album/4Q6OPeP5RaswuMu7KRlKTt?nd=1&get=it

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