#PrideSeries; Justin Aquino & Robert Neptune Get Married By Bravo On “Watch What Happens Live”

It is definitely a rarity for a couple to be able to say they met in a mailroom and ended up married live on television by Andy Cohen while being serenaded by Patti LaBelle, but now Justin Aquino and Robert Neptune are able to say exactly that. On the episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen was joined by a litany of Bravo-lebrities to marry Aquino and Neptune after they won the opportunity to be married on the show. While having Erika Jayne and Kandi Burruss at your wedding is part of a truly once in a lifetime guest list, but Aquino and Neptune are Bravo loyalists from way back. After a random meeting at home in their mailroom, their relationship blossomed, culminating with a proposal at their favorite restaurant. While Aquino & Neptune essentially married in living rooms all over America, they managed to take some time to chat with me about their relationship, how they fell in love with Bravo, and what their experience was like marrying under the watchful eye of a music icon and some of their favorite Real Housewives. 

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Michael Cook: So tell me, how did your love story with Robert start?


Justin Aquino: We lived in the same apartment complex and we met in the mail room. Robert was coming from the gym and was going to check the mail. I was in there doing the same. He mentioned he has seen me around town so I jokingly said “Have you been stalking me?” I came over later that week with some wine and we’ve been together ever since.

MC: What was your engagement like?

JA: I decided to do it on our anniversary. We technically don’t have an anniversary date, but we know it’s in month of November. We went to our favorite restaurant, Playground DTSA. I talked to them beforehand so the staff knew what was going on. We had a code word and I was so nervous I forgot it, but they picked up on it. I had them record the proposal and afterwards, they brought out dessert and some champagne to celebrate. The whole restaurant was clapping and the staff was emotional. It was beautiful.

MC: What do you both love about each other the most?


JA: Robert keeps me calm and has taught me to be more patient. He always makes me laugh. We just balance each other out.

Robert Neptune: Justin and I actually like each other, we are each other’s best and always have a good time.

MC: When did you incorporate your love of Bravo into your lives?

JA: I have always been a fan of Bravo. I got Robert into it; he had heard of the Housewives, but never gave it a shot. I watched all things Bravo: Real Housewives, Top Chef, Project Runway, etc.


MC: What are some shows and Bravo-lebrities that you are really loving right now?

JA: I am a huge foodie, so naturally we love Top Chef. Padma is our girl crush. Our favorite Real Housewives franchise is Potomac but we also love Dallas, Beverly Hills, New York City and Atlanta. We also love the Blind Date re-boot, it is hilarious. Shout out to Nikki Glaser!!


MC: What was it like sharing the decision to get married virtually on Watch What Happens Live? This truly makes your marriage one in a million!

JA: Basically just that: it’s one in a million. Who can say they got married on WWHL?? We honestly just submitted to the contest just because we are fans. Two days later, we got the callback and numerous zoom calls and background checks later, we were told we won!! They mentioned that thousands applied, but they felt a good vibe from us from the get. We originally planned to have a destination wedding, but then COVID happened. This was a an amazing alternative.


MC: What was the experience like with Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives and guests that surprised you? I mean, Patti LaBelle sang at your wedding! What didn’t we see?

JA: Andy was very professional and had us laughing. We knew Patti would be there ahead of time and Robert is such a huge fan! She is truly a legend. She also had jokes and had us rolling. Erika Jayne and Kandi Burruss were huge surprises (as you can tell from our reactions lol). We actually were at Erika’s concert when they were filming the show. I was in the audience and made it on TV!!


We attended Kandi’s dungeon concert and I was on stage with her for a Best Dressed costume contest. I was totally out of my league but I got 4th place out of like 15 people!! Our Bravo experiences definitely helped in getting us the first interview. I had been a two time caller into WWHL earlier this year. I was also in the background on an OC episode where they full on caught me chowing down on chips and salsa. We also have been to the Countess’ cabaret show!

What you don’t know is all that went on behind the scenes. We literally transformed our living room into a “venue”. I had to set up all the tech with the help of Bravo, who by the way is the nicest bunch of people you could hope for (Hi Anthony and Michael!!) We also had my mom and four friends here for support and help and they were all so helpful!!

The cake was made my Top Chef finalist Stephanie Cmar! She wrote us the most lovely card! Also, The RealReal was amazing. The gifts were fantastic!!


MC: How have you both been making it through quarantine?

JA: Pretty good actually. We are blessed to have a job that allows us to both work from home. We enjoy each other’s company and have completely become used to being homebodies. We are pretty active and social, so I am surprised the transition was so easy for us. Do we miss our friends and family? Yes!! However, we have to do this together, even though we are not physically with each other.

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