Prime Minister Of Ireland Parties In Boystown!

Image via Sidetrack Chicago

I’m Absolutely Convinced The Best Celebrity Run-Ins Happen At Gay Bars!

Talk about an amazing chance encounter! If you’re a fan of Saint Patrick’s Day, you absolutely must know Chicago, Illinois is the place to be to celebrate. I’m from the southside of Chicago and a part of the southside Irish, in particular. During St. Paddy’s weekend, one of the best cities in the world throws a huge parade which essentially is a stampede of drunk individuals, mostly guys and gals from their late teens and up, who wear green, drink green beer, and enjoy a day when you get to be publicly drunk without much judgment or consequence among a dyed green Chicago River. If you haven’t seen it, check out the gorgeous view of this most recent weekend below:

Do I know what actual St. Paddy’s Day means to the Irish? No, I don’t. School me if you can. others may have been making an Irish meal like corn beef and cabbage or purposefully avoiding the downtown parade all together, most of Chicago is in the know that the holiday is a time to let loose and have some fun. It turns out many people globally know Chicago is the place to party, especially the Prime Minister of Ireland who spent his St. Paddy’s Day at a gay bar in Chicago!

According to Chicago Pride, Ireland’s first, openly gay Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, celebrated the holiday weekend at one of Boystown’s (Chicago’s gayborhood) most popular bars, Sidetrack The Video Bar (Varadkar is in the back, second from the right in the photo above). Varadkar came out openly in 2015 and is a total daddy, obviously. No word on if he bounced around to other bars or maybe even made a pit stop at Steamworks. I’ll keep you posted.

Jeez, why is it becoming so common to see celebrities at gay bars?! We must be the most fun out of the masses, because they keep coming back! It was in January 2018 when freakin’ legendary Singer, Diana Ross, was spotted dancing with patrons in West Hollywood, California at The Abbey. I’m wondering who will be the next to turn up in our neck of the woods?

Oh, by the way in case you’re curious: Varadkar isn’t available. I’m devastated, because it seems like he’s into younger, intelligent men and I am more than ready and willing to jump in Varadkar’s bed. His partner, Matt Barrett, is a mega hottie, too! While I unfortunately cannot legally post photos of him, that doesn’t mean I didn’t Google a handful of pictures. Get a glimpse at this hot couple together here.

H/T: Chicago Pride

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