Prime Video Drops Funny Bloopers from ‘The Boys’ Season 3

Prime Video recently dropped a bloopers video from ‘The Boys’ Season 3, and it showed the cast members’ hilarious mess ups while filming.

(c) Prime Video | The Boys Season 3

Jensen Ackles practically stole the spotlight of the show with his portrayal of Soldier Boy, and he made quite an impression in the bloopers video as well. During their “Herogasm” episode, Ackles and Antony Starr, who plays the role of Homelander, had a fan-favorite fight, and they made quite a lot of bloopers while filming the scene.

They ran through a couple of issues, including Ackles forgetting his move, as well as Starr getting caught in his costume’s cape. The 46-year-old New Zealand actor also found it difficult to keep it together while filming his scenes with Aya Cash, who portrays the character of Stormfront.

Meanwhile, Jack Quaid, who plays the role of Hughie Campbell, apparently told a straight-faced herpes joke that wasn’t a part of the script, but felt right for some reason. Ackles can also be seen dancing at one point, which was truly entertaining.


You can watch Season 3’s funny bloopers video here:

‘The Boys’ currently has three seasons released, and it is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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