Prime Video Drops ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’s Touching Deleted Scene

Prime Video recently released a deleted scene from the hit gay rom-com ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ wherein Nicholas Galitzine’s character Prince Henry gets very emotional while having a deep conversation with Alex (Taylor Zakhar Perez).

(c) Prime Video / Red, White & Royal Blue

In the deleted scene, the two lovers are seated by a campfire in the outdoors of the Claremont-Diaz’s cabin outside Austin. Alex then asks Prince Henry:


“When you told me on our first night together that you couldn’t let anyone fall in love with you, did you really mean that?”

And to that, Henry responds with a tale about himself and why he grew up being so guarded.

“Once upon a time, there was a young prince who was born in a castle, and there had never been a prince quite like him. He was born with his heart on the outside of his body…,” he started.

The prince continued,


“Everything seemed to touch and threaten his unprotected heart. He didn’t know that he was different – not at first.”

He then added that his family knew though, which was why his grandfather gave him a “suit of armor” to protect him. However, the safety that came with the armor is at the cost of his freedom.

In came the “devastatingly handsome young peasant boy” who was able to remove the prince’s armor “piece by piece,” and ultimately making him feel “truly alive.” Galitzine’s performance was truly touching, and viewers can agree after watching the scene.

On that note, you can watch ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’s emotional deleted scene here:


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  1. That scene was adorable, I’m not sure why they didn’t include it. Out of the recent gay movies I’ve seen while I didn’t love this movie I liked it quite a bit.


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