Prime Video’s ‘Escort Boys’ Shows Four French Farmers Getting Steamy

Prime Video’s ‘Escort Boys’ is a V steamy show that follows four French farmers who transform into male escorts.

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According to Variety, the series is a French adaptation of the 2015 Israeli show ‘Johnny and the Knights of Galilee’ (‘Milk and Honey’). 


“In Camargue, four boys in dire straits find themselves selling their bodies for money. Unexperienced but helped by their mischievous little sister Charly, they start an Escort Boys business,” a synopsis of the show reads.

The four sexy French farmers in the show includes: Guillaume Labbé as Ben, Thibaut Evrard
as Ludo, Corentin Fila as Zak, and Simon Ehrlacher as Mathias. Aside from the raunchy, wet and wild scenes, ‘Escort Boys’ also tackles about “romantic love, female sexuality and masculinity, as well as the relationship between men and women.”

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In a recent interview with Variety, producer Charlotte Toledano-Detaille revealed:


“The series also tackles some serious issues. In the third episode, one of the clients gets sexually harassed by her boss. It really touched me and I think it will resonate with many women.”

Meanwhile, producer Myriam Gharbi-de Vasselot noted that ‘Escort Boys’ is “a rare show that men and women enjoy watching together.” 


“At first, we assumed it was a series primarily for female audience, but one thing we noticed is that guys who watch it generally want to become part of the band of escort boys. It strikes a chord to see men talk about sexuality and their feelings,” Toledano-Detaille further expressed.

Moreover, ‘Escort Boys’ is now available for streaming on Prime Video in the US with English subtitles, as well as an English dubbed version. You can also watch the raunchy trailer here, however, English subtitles are not available in the video as of this writing.

Nevertheless, enjoy watching! 😉


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