Prince Harry & Meghan Markle To Make A Netflix Series

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Looks like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry found themselves in the good care of Netflix.

According to Variety, Meghan and Harry are working on their first project with Netflix through their company Archewell Productions. The project is the first of many after the couple signed a deal with the streaming service last fall. But what is this first project? A series about Harry’s favorite charity/competition.


Heart of Invictus will follow a group of international athletes as they prepare for the Invictus Games 2020 at The Hague in The Netherlands. Though, the competition is taking place in 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic. But what is the Invictus Games? It’s an international sporting competition, named after William Ernest Henley’s poem “Invictus,” that celebrates injured/sick veterans and service people.

As Harry once said about the competition, which he founded:


“These Games have shone a spotlight on the ‘unconquerable’ character of service men and women and their families and their ‘Invictus’ spirit. These Games have been about seeing guys sprinting for the finish line and then turning round to clap the last man in. They have been about teammates choosing to cross the line together, not wanting to come second, but not wanting the other guys to either. These Games have shown the very best of the human spirit.”

The proposed series will document several of the competitors’ life stories as well as their training for the Invictus Games, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In addition, Prince Harry will appear on camera for the docuseries.

“Since the very first Invictus Games back in 2014, we knew that each competitor would contribute in their own exceptional way to a mosaic of resilience, determination, and resolve,” said Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in a statement. “This series will give communities around the world a window into the moving and uplifting stories of these competitors on their path to the Netherlands next year. As Archewell Productions’ first series with Netflix, in partnership with the Invictus Games Foundation, I couldn’t be more excited for the journey ahead or prouder of the Invictus community for continuously inspiring global healing, human potential and continued service.”


The Invictus Games Foundation will act as an executive producer and will benefit from the project. According to Netflix, the docuseries will also provide “significant funding to the organization.”

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Archewell Productions team are building an ambitious slate that reflects the values and causes they hold dear,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix co-CEO and chief content officer. “From the moment I met them, it’s been clear that the Invictus Games hold a very special place in their hearts, and I couldn’t be happier that their first series for Netflix will showcase that for the world in a way never seen before.”

Source: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter,

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