Pro Baseball Team Claps Back At Pride Night Troll

Pride Night at the Rochester Red Wings game (image via Twitter)
Pride Night at the Rochester Red Wings game (image via Twitter)

Professional Minor League Baseball team, the Rochester Red Wings, held their first-ever Pride Night Tuesday night.

The Red Wings, the top affiliated minor league team for the Minnesota Twins, collaborated with The Out Alliance, Rochester’s local LGBTQ organization.

By all accounts, it was a big success.ย 

Great baseball weather, nearly 10,000 fans in the stands, and the first 500 fans got free Red Wings t-shirts!

Plus, it was Bark at the Park night!

The Red Wings proudly announced the Pride Night event back in late May.

โ€œBaseball is Americaโ€™s pastime, celebrated by many fans of various backgrounds for over a century,” saidย the team’s general manager, Dan Mason,ย in a statement. “We want to make sure all fans in our community feel comfortable and welcome while enjoying Red Wings baseball at Frontier Field.โ€

“We look forward to hosting Pride Night along with our friends at the Out Alliance and welcoming fans from the LGBTQ community,” added Mason. “We are proud to join many other Minor League Baseball teams in this initiative this season.”

But, one Red Wings fan trolled the announcement, with a prediction: “I’m betting this will be the lowest attended game of the summer.”

At the time, the Red Wings clapped back advising the troll to not bet too much dough on that bet.

You know we love a sassy, pro-LGBTQ Twitter account.

So, once the tickets were counted, and a good time was had by all, the Red Wings didn’t forget their little Twitter friend.

Which brings us to our favorite tweet of the day:


Here’s more from the grand night out:

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