Pro Footballer Alberto Lejaragga Comes Out As Gay with Touching Post

Spanish professional football player Alberto Lejaragga recently came out as gay on Twitter after posting a touching post accompanied by a photo of him kissing his boyfriend.

(c) Twitter: @oxefofoqueii

The 28-year-old goalkeeper for Marbella FC tweeted:


“Many thanks for always being at my side, in the good moments and in the not so good moments. This time it was our turn to experience the beauty of this. THANK YOU.”

Aside from the heartfelt caption he wrote, Lejaragga also shared a collage with two photos of him and his boyfriend — one of which was of them kissing, and the other one was them in a warm embrace. The other two pictures are with his family who celebrated his team’s promotion with him.

(c) Twitter: @alberto_leja

The comments section of his post is filled with a lot of love, celebration and support, and here some of the people’s reactions on the goalkeeper coming out:


“I hope they come out more like Alberto Lejárraga and that it helps more footballers in the Spanish football closet to feel supported and live their lives normally. Congratulations!! May you be very happy,” one user wrote.

Another one expressed:

“Congratulations on being authentically you, especially within the sports world!”
“From Argentina a big hug to you and your partner. Thank you for helping to make LOVE visible.
The important thing is to BE,” a tweet read.
Moreover, Lejaragga’s team Marbella FC won the promotion to Spain’s fourth-tier Segunda RFEF division on Sunday, which means a double victory for him. <3


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