Pro-Wrestler, Jake Atlas, Comes Out!

Pro-Wrestler, Jake Atlas, Comes Out!

And Spills On Boys, Wrestling, And Growing Up Closeted!

HELL YEAH! Okay, so I may not have been familiar with 23-year-old, Professional Wrestler, Jake Atlas, until now – but, boy, oh boy, he’s a complete hottie! Doing some quick footwork on Atlas: He’s the 2017 Southern California Rookie of the Year, works at the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy, and lives in Los Angeles, California. These West Coast boys, I’m tellin’ ya!

According to GayStarNews, Atlas gives an exclusive interview as he comes out of the closet, his search for love, and battling the disease that have affected so many incredible people: Depression. Of course, he has to dive into his love for wrestling, which he discovered as a child and hasn’t let go of.

Upon coming out of the closet, Atlas believes his curiosity started with his mother, but he went on to bully boys in school that he secretly had a crush on. Nooo!! Some of us are all too familiar with this playground tactic! He tells GayStarNews:

“I was fascinated by mother’s wardrobe, appearance and attitude. Then I felt an attraction to a family friend I lived with when I was younger. I noticed that I had an urge to hug him, kiss him and always be near him. Later, new attractions arose as I grew up and it was hard for me to cope with what I was feeling. I began to bully the boys I felt I liked and I hated myself. I knew that being gay was something that wouldn’t be accepted in my family.”

He shares his mother, who had a negative reaction to his sexuality, confided that he may want to stay closeted. Atlas refused:

“My mom would always tell me that no one would care and that I should keep it private. She said that it was nobody’s business. She said I should just live life hidden – but she doesn’t understand what it is like to be in these shoes. Wrestling is also a very masculine sport that is sometimes not the most progressive. I was afraid of any hate, backlash, and rejection from it. I was afraid that it would hold me back from achieving my lifelong dream of one day wrestling for the WWE.”

Alas, Mister Atlas discusses the pain of depression and anxiety he’s faced throughout his young life which still continues today:

“I suffer from depression and anxiety. That was found in 2015 when I actually broke the C6 bone in my neck. Essentially, a broken neck. I contemplated suicide and had my first suicide attempt shortly thereafter. Growing up, I always had instances of anxiety and would suffer from attacks, but I was completely in the dark about what they were or why. Mexican culture is known to disregard mental illness and not believe in it, so my mom would always say that it was asthma or lack of nutrients. I know now that in my childhood, with everything I had to endure, they were all triggers that forced me into anxiety. It’s something still to this day I suffer from.”

To keep on a lighter note, I do want to point on that Atlas is single, although I’m pretty much willing to step in the ring to claim him at this point!

Okay, but in all seriousness: On behalf of the LGBTQ community, Jake Atlas, I have to say…WELCOME! Trust me when I say, you will always have a devoted fan base who will appreciate your craft and your, ahem, muscles. Call me!

To check out Atlas’ full interview, head HERE!

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