Pro Wrestler Mike Parrow Got Married!

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Here’s a happy story to share with you! Pro wrestler Mike Parrow tied-the-knot with longtime boyfriend Morgan Cole. This happened a little over two years after Parrow came out as gay in December 2017.

Parrow first announced that his wedding was coming up a couple of days ago through an Instagram post which he captioned, “When I first meet him I told him I was never coming out and he could only come over at night. Now I can’t imagine my life without him!”


Then after the wedding, Parrow shared pictures of the event and the message, “My husband and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you to our friends that were able join us especially during everyone’s current circumstances and to all the others who sent well wishes, it truly meant the world to us. The wedding was perfect! It does get better!”

Check out photos from the ceremony below:


Again, this wedding comes a year and some months after Parrow came out as gay. At the time, the athlete and entertainer shared that he was planning to stay closeted for the rest of his life. But the depression, alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, and even conversion therapy, that haunted his life led to his need to change. It was then that he went to a proper therapist and eventually came out.

“Anyone I ever told thought I was kidding,” Parrow said. “Their perception of gay men was totally different. So when I tell them, they get shocked, but every time I tell someone it gets easier rather than harder, and I always try to tell people that.”

Congratulations to Mike Parrow for pushing through the dark phases in his life and reaching this moment of love and happiness.

Sources: LGBTQ Nation

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