Pro Wrestler Mr. Grim: “I’ve Finally Gained The Courage. I’m Pan”

Image via Instagram @hitman4hire_mr.grim

The Hitman for Hire wants the world to know he’s pansexual.

In order to ring in the New Year, professional wrestler The Hit Man For Hire, Mr. Grim, who won the Delaware-based 1CQ Triple Crown Tournament in 2018, is letting the world into his personal bubble. Specifically, Chris Lewis, Mr. Grim’s real name, came out over social media, according to Out.

“For years, I’ve struggled with my identity,” Grim tweeted. “Too worried about how others would feel or think about me. I’ve finally gained the courage to openly express that I’m Pansexual. Thank you @NylaRoseBeast for being my inspiration, supportive and holding my hand throughout this process.”

That last note was a thank you to trans professional wrestler Nyla Rose. Rose then responded to the tweet with some witty advice.

“If you end up buying a flag, don’t iron it or you’re kicked out,” she wrote.


Rose isn’t the only one to respond to Mr. Grim’s coming out tweet. Several fans sent well wishes to the independent wrestler as well. Mr. Grim then thanked many of the fans who supported him in the Twitter thread.

Thank you, Mr. Grim. Thank you for letting us in and creating more visibility in the world of wrestling.

Source: Out,

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