Producers Of Male Stripper Show Cut Ties With Vivica A. Fox After Her ‘Hell No!’ To Gays Remarks

Just three days ago we posted Vivica A. Fox Says Her 'Black Magic' Strippers Don't Dance For Gay Men.  During last week’s interview, Vivica was asked if gay men were allowed to attend the show, to which she replied, “Aw, hell no. Back all that up. No! NO!

Jean-Claude LaMarre, the director and producer of Vivica's new show, first worked with Vivica when he cast her in his 2015 male stripper comedy Chocolate City, and again in the upcoming sequel Chocolate City: Vegas. After the success of those projects, they decided to create a TV spin-off, which is how Black Magic came into fruition. But now, Jean-Claude says he’s all done with Vivica A.

“The comments were out of order, and it does not represent our attitudes toward the LGBT community,” he tells TMZ. “All are welcomed. Vivica speaks for herself not the business or the show.”

LaMarre will continue as Executive Producer on the reality show, saying he genuinely wants to see Black Magic succeed, but he’s absolutely not interested in working with Vivica anymore.

The clip we had in the first post about this was not that long.  Here's the full radio show interview from Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM. The first mention of gay men in the audience is around the 2:45 mark and is brought back up around 3:30 after she curtailed the subject.



Was she out of line?

Was it so bad that an all male review show is just for women?

If some 'straight men' are let in, why not all men?

Couldn't there be a no tipping / touching policy from men at these shows?

Do you think all male reviews should be open for everyone?




16 thoughts on “Producers Of Male Stripper Show Cut Ties With Vivica A. Fox After Her ‘Hell No!’ To Gays Remarks”

  1. Here is the problem: I’m not

    Here is the problem: I'm not homophobic, but that doesn't mean that I want to watch gay couples on EVERY TV show that I watch. I can't even watch "regular" TV with my kids these days! I feel, to each his own, gay or straight, but why is it being forced, yes FORCED on everyone?? Everyone doesn't want to see what you do behind closed doors, it's your own personal business.  You want to speak your truth & feelings, but get pissed when others speak theirs. Everyone is not going to be okay with the gay community and that's their right! A gay scene or couple doesn't have to be involved on EVERY single TV show just to satisfy the LGBT community.

    • And thank goodness we don’t

      And thank goodness we don't have to watch straight couples kiss on television and public. Cuz that's just gross!  Imagine if a television show had a straight couple in bed, or kissing, or adopting a kid. How can we send such messages to our kids.

      Sorry cutie pie.  If it's okay for you straights, it's okay for the gays.

  2. Of course a lot of us Gay men

    Of course a lot of us Gay men would enjoy watching straight MEN strip (if they are straight).  However, I have no problem with this being a for woman only show.  They can't stop you from watching it on the tv.  However, I think Vivica used bad judgement in her statement that obviously pissed off a lot of us LGBT. Maybe she should have used more tack. Simply saying that the show was for women only.  However, if there are allowing straight men in (with their girlfriends / wives) then that is wrong to ban Gay men.  Again, you can let gay men in but set the rules no feels and no touch of course that means not TIP to the dancer.  However you look at it. i personally would not go into a straight strip club so no loss there!

    • I think that she said what

      I think that she said what she felt and there was nothing wrong with it if it suppose to be for women that's is what it is everybody don't want to see that Gay shit on TV or out in the public stop trying to push it on to everyone it's stupid 

  3. How, exactly, would they find

    How, exactly, would they find out WHAT the sexuality of their audience is…do gays have to wear pink triangles or something, as in Nazi Germany? Silly bitch 

  4. vivica who? I got money. If I

    vivica who? I got money. If I choose to go see a stripper show. My money is green. If girls can touch them. So can I! If they don't want to be touched…then maybe put your pants on and get out ofthe business. I am quite sure there are some gay guys dancing that would rather not have some chick grabbing his junk. But he dances and takes the tip. If that somehow ruins the artistic and intellectual beauty that you were expecting at a strip show….then too bad for you. you phobic asshole.


  5. This is becoming RIDICULOUS!

    This is becoming RIDICULOUS! The GAYS ARE THE MOST "INTOLERANT" INDIVIDUALS on THE PLANET!!!! I AGREE WITH VIVICA LADIES ONLY!!!! They need to stop trying to destroy people's CAREERS over this PETTINESS! T

  6. Bye bitch. I’m glad it got

    Bye bitch. I'm glad it got canceled. I get what she was saying, but don't fuck with the gays. 

  7. I think this is a reminder

    I think this is a reminder that the world is still hostile towards gay men even in fields where supposedly our attention would be welcome or desired. We should not think we're included; not even in strip clubs.

    I think it is much better to have strip clubs only for gay men where only the homosexual gaze can be satisfied and, even better if all strippers are gay and bisexual men to feel more comfortable and create an air of male bonding that only gay and bisexual men can share.

    So the lesson is if a spectacle is mainly offered to women don't count yourself in. Better prefer venues for gay men.

  8. But he’s only saying we doesn

    But he's only saying we doesn't want to be affiliated with her, not that he isn't going to be. If he's continuing as EP of the show and she's already part of it all this amounts to is he is going on record with his opinion. Nothing has changed. The show is going on.


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