Productive Or Indulgent? Which Lockdown Style Speaks To You?

Screenshots via YouTube @MichaelHenry

Social distancing can bring out many sides of us, but what if two of those sides interacted?

It seems we’ve entered a new normal after spending a month in quarantine. Parents have accepted their fate being in the hands of their energetic children, students have transitioned into online classes (whether they like it or not), and households have begrudgingly accepted the fact that they’ll see their roommates/family more often than they ever did before.


But possibly the strangest thing is the emerging mentalities on how we should be utilizing our time. Should we be productive by exercising, engaging in the arts, or working on our personal goals? Or, should we just acknowledge that we’re all dealing with A LOT right now and just ride the wave with alcohol, Netflix, and whatever else sates our souls? This is a conversation (both inner and outter) that many of us have had within the past few weeks. But now, Michael Henry is having that conversation for us through a recent video.

Yes, YouTuber Michael Henry is back and this time he’s giving us a comedic, but very real, look at those split quarantine mentalities. And we’ll be real with you, many of what porch stoop Michael says sound pretty familiar. Drinking heaps of wine? Check. Binging trashy shows? Yes. Raiding our cupboards endlessly? Of course. Texting questionable men when we know we shouldn’t? We stan a relatable comedy king.

But which quarantine Michael sounds more relatable to your current life? And what would your two quarantine sides say to each other? Check out the video below, and then tell us your thoughts down in the comments below.

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