Professional Wrestler Bulk Bronson Opens Up About His Sexuality

Professional wrestler Bulk Bronson recently opened up about his sexuality after publicly coming out as bisexual during Pride Month.

On June 2, Bronson, whose real name is Joseph Fitzpatrick, subtly revealed his sexuality by posting a photo of himself with the bisexual flag on X (previously Twitter). This is after his his fiancée Gabby Forza, who is also a wrestler, did the same thing, but with the pansexual flag.


More recently, Bronson reflected on people’s responses after he came out as bisexual, writing:

“The last 24 hours have just been so overwhelming ever since openly admitting that I am bisexual. I’ve been left speechless by the endless phone calls, texts, DMs, replies from faithful fans, my close friends, our scumbag and so many others I’ve had new interactions with.”


Aside from social media and his family “overflowing with so much love and uplifting support” about him coming out, which he is very “grateful” for, the 28-year-old wrestler also noted how his fiancée inspired him to open up about his sexuality.

“The love of my life has always lifted me up and been proud of me from the second I admitted my sexuality to her when we started dating, but always instilled in me that if I spoke out about it openly, I’d have to do it for ME and nobody else, it has to be when I’M comfortable. With her never-ending love and acceptance, I honestly didn’t care enough to share with the world. She IS my world, so that’s all that matters, right?,” he shared.

Bronson concluded with a heartfelt message, expressing:

“If me coming out and living my truth helps at least one other person feel more comfortable in their own skin, it makes it all worth it for me.”


You can check out his full post here.


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