Proposed circumcision of four-year-old Florida boy leads to legal battle.

Who made the decision about your foreskin and if you were going to keep it or lose it?  For many parents, the decision is a cultural or religious one.  Others believe it is the right medical thing to do.  Recently, there have been several stories shared where men in their 20's, 30's, and 40's have chosen to get circumcised.  But what if your parents did not make the decision before, during, or soon after your birth?  What if it took them three or four years to decide?  Should they be allowed to then make the decision?  What age is the age where the parents should lose the right to choose and then what age should a boy be able to make the decision. 

What about the three year old boy.  And what if the battle for the right to circumcise a son takes over a year and now the child is 4? This legal battle in Florida has gained international attention.

Volumes of court filings tell the story: Hironimus and Nebus had a six-month relationship that resulted in a pregnancy, the birth of a boy named Chase, and a fight over nearly everything since. Nebus sued to prove his paternity and to get partial custody of the boy and the couple whittled out a parenting plan outlining everything from his surname to his legal address, to whom he calls mommy or daddy and, notably, what becomes of his penis.

In that document, the circumcision of the child was agreed to by both parents. When it came time to schedule the procedure, though, the mother resisted, having researched the subject further. The matter wound its way through circuit court, which ruled in Nebus' favor, then to the Fourth District Court of Appeal, which refused to overturn the lower court's ruling. Hironimus could ask for a rehearing in the appellate court, but has made no further legal filings.

"Just the normal thing to do," the father said of circumcision, according to the court files. "To me, it's not worth it to put my son's life at risk for a cosmetic procedure," the mother said. – NYDailyNews.COM

So the boy is scheduled to have the surgery even though the parents now disagree.  It seems that Nebus (father) has fought from day 1 to have a role in his son's life and now he his overriding the son's mother in this circumcision battle.  Are parents choosing to not circumcise their children?  What is the current trend?

Though circumcision rates have fallen in the U.S., a majority of boys still undergo the removal of their foreskin. A 2013 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 58.3 percent of newborn boys were circumcised in 2010, down from 64.5 percent in 1979. (The data excluded babies who were circumcised after leaving the hospital — many Jewish boys have the procedure during a ceremony called a bris, eight days after birth.) Meantime, a bubbling anti-circumcision movement has grown. – NYDailyNews.COM

And what about adult circumcision?   Why is there a growing number of stories where men are electing to get cut?  For one not so inspiring story check this story out. 

I had inherited some money after two of my grandparents had died, and I decided to use it for the procedure. As I wanted to do it properly, I asked around and got the number of a reputable urologist in Cape Town. His receptionist told me that he was fully booked until the end of the year, but recommended another urologist who shared the premises. He was suspiciously available for the whole of the following week. I should have seen the red flag. – MAMBAONLINE.COM

Instincters, any of you trying to make the decision to get cut?  Any of you gone through the process?  What about foreskin regeneration?

What do you think?