Provincetown Celebrates Carnival 2018 In High Style

Screen grab from YouTube video below.

Labor Day, which traditionally marks the end of summer for many, looms on the horizon.

But Provincetown, Massachusetts, still has some fun and frolic to fulfill before the close of the season.


According to Cape Cod Wave Magazine, the recent Carnival 2018 was a massive success.

The parade, which took place on Commercial Street last Thursday, attracted a crowd estimated to be close to 100,000.

The event boasted not just the parade, but a pre-parade.

And a post-parade.


According to CCWM, thanks to the amazing costumes it was often difficult who was IN the parade and who was in the audience.

The video below, by David Cox, was shot entirely on an iPhone, and released within 24 hours of the event.

Pretty impressive.

Where any Instinct readers taking part in P-Town’s Carnival 2018?




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