Provincetown Pied Bar Gets A Remix; Actress and Innovator Lea DeLaria Brings “The Club” To Provincetown

Throughout the decades if you have done Provincetown, you have done Pied Bar. The spot that everyone would go to post Tea Dance has gone through many incarnations. From being the Ace of Spades and and The Pied Piper in the 1950's and the 1970's respectively to the Pied Bar that we all know and love today,  the spot has been ripe for a change. Enter provocateur, chanteuse and actress Lea DeLaria, who as of January 8th has been approved by the Provincetown Licensing Board. The board has approved the transfer of the common victualer and alcohol licenses to DeLaria’s company, (A Lea DeLaria Joint LLC). The bar's newest incarnation will be “The Club". 


DeLaria’s lawyer, John Connell, said last week. “We look forward to livening the space up and making a go of it.” Post-meeting, DeLaria was not ready to provide any details yet, but details will be coming in the future. 

During the licensing board hearing, Frank Christopher, (who is tasked with managing "The Club") said people can expect to see live shows and performances as well as a variety of instruments. Christopher is also co-founder of Smoke, a well-known New York jazz club on Broadway near Columbia University.


DeLaria is a trailblazer in the LGBT community and beyond.As the first openy gay comic on United States televison in 1993 ("The Arsenio Hall Show). Most recently appearing for several season as "Boo" on Netflix's "Oraange Is The New Black" DeLaria has shared the screen with luimaries like Laverne Cox, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton. She has also performed everywhere from New York City's legendary Carnegie Hall and at Lincoln Center. She was also the featured vocalist at the 50th Anniversary of the Newport Jazz Festival. 

Pied has always been the spot to pop into post Tea Dance to keep the party going on the dance floor or to grab some alone time on the intimate deck with a special someone. With it's new reincarnation as "The Club", will be providing Provincetown's visitors with that and so much more. 


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