Public Facebook Group “Muscle Bears” Proudly Bans POC

A public Facebook group titled “Muscle Bear” sounds like it would totally hot to check out, right?

Furry, buff guys – what’s not to like?

Well, aside from racism?

According to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, when a person attempts to join the group, you’re asked a series of questions.

The first question: “Wherea[sic]  are you from?” 

The second is a link to a NSFW pic of woofy actor/model/designer Matthew Camp. For those of you aren't aware, here's a visual of the woofy Mr. Camp. Enjoy 🙂

For clarity – Matthew Camp is not a member of the Facebook group.

Then there’s the third statement, and here’s where the snag comes in. “If you are Asian or African do not join the group because it will be blocked from this group.”

Wait, what?

Some members of the group say they are concerned folks will think each of the 18,000+ members are bigots.

“As a member, this makes us all appear to be racists by being complicit,” he writes. “I’m asking people to reach out and ask why this [policy] has been added. And if it’s not removed, I’m asking people to quit and report the group as hate speech.”

Several members told SDGLN the screening statement was not there when they joined and believe it was added by one of the admins later on.

SDGLN reports they reached out to the admin about the discriminatory statement but received no answer.

Since the story was initially reported the statement has apparently been removed, which doesn’t mean the group isn’t still being discriminatory. It could mean they’re just hiding it now.

As we close this sad tale, here's a reminder of all the diverse kinds of hotness we can enjoy:


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7 thoughts on “Public Facebook Group “Muscle Bears” Proudly Bans POC”

  1. Why would you want to join a

    Why would you want to join a group that doesn't want you? There are plenty of other Bears that are attracted to Asians, Blacks, Hispanics… Or wait, do they let Hispanic Bears in the group? I didn't read that they didn't. Not the point, I'm not a Bear, but I like a hot guy with a big brain, sure lets go with that… A big brain. I'm not attracted to fair skinned guys. I like a little color, and not a fake tan either. Natural, God given color. I'm not racist. I have friends that are fair skin, just not sexually attracted to them. Wouldn't kick them out of bed, a man has needs, but that's besides the point. We need to get out of this idea that We, as a society, have to be liked and welcomed by everyone. Not all doors are open to everyone. 

  2. It’s not discrimination, it’s

    It's not discrimination, it's preference. They prefer their own race sexually, it's their norm. It's what they've grown up with. Perfectly understandable.

    There's a fine line between discrimination and preference.  Noone is out a job, house or public services here. 

  3. So none of their 18K plus

    So none of their 18K plus members checks the new member sign in page ? They don't have anyone capable of monitoring and managing their Facebook page ??? I don't believe that for a minute. This group is sad and I hope gay men of color in the area start another group and welcome all who wish to join 


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