Puerto Vallarta is Seeing a Wave of Strange Crimes Involving Naked Men

So here’s the weirdest story you might read today. According to Mexican news outlet Vallarta Independiente, men over a dozen cases of naked men tied to posts with the letter “R” shaved into their head have occurred over the last couple of weeks in Puerto Vallarta.

Police received calls that men were found naked with bruises on their buttocks and tied to lamp posts. It is believed that the letter ‘R’ stands for ‘Rata’ or ‘Ratero’ which has a double meaning of thief or ‘rat’ (snitch).

Each man has been questioned and refused to give names of the culprits. Many simply say they were picked up and taken to an undisclosed location, beaten, and tied up.

Authorities are currently investigating this odd crime. It is unknown if this has to do with individuals trying to take the law into their own hands with these thieves or if it has to do with a gang rivalry or threat to their lives if they speak out against their assailant.

Here’s a report from Imagen Noticias:



h/t: Vallarta Independiente, Imagen Noticias

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