Pulse Nightclub Victims Are Suing 31 Police Officers And The City Of Orlando, Florida

It looks like some Pulse survivors are suing the city of Orlando and 31 police officers.

In a lawsuit, three survivors from the nightclub shooting say that some police officers, including Adam Gruler who was acting as security the dreadful night and the first officer to exchange fire with Pulse shooter Omar Mateen, “deprived Plaintiffs of their interest in life, liberty and property by violating Plaintiff’s right to personal security and substantive due process as described herein, which caused Plaintiffs to suffer injuries.”

The lawsuit also states that Gruler abandoned his post during the night.

Solomon Radner, who’s acting as the lawyer for the plaintiffs, elaborated on that last point during a news conference saying, “He should have done what he was there to do: protect the club.”

After news spread of this lawsuit, the city of Orlando released a statement:

"Nearly two years after the horrific act of hate inside the Pulse nightclub, our community continues to mourn the 49 lives taken and provide support for all those impacted," the statement said. "On the morning of June 12, 2016, federal, state and local law enforcement officers and first responders put themselves in harm's way to save as many lives as possible. Our first responders are committed to the safety of this community, and they stand ready to protect and serve."

That said, may witnesses and survivors says that officers not only stood outside the building while the shooting was happening, but even detained some victims as they ran away.

In addition, Wigberto Capo, the brother of Luis Omar Oscasio-Capo who died at the scene, says he wonders if the police have an equal hand in his brother’s death.

"What if the Orlando police officers who responded to the shooting were aggressive with their plan to rescue victims and hostages and kill the shooter?" he told reporters Thursday. "Would my brother still be alive?"

Survivors are asking for compensatory and punitive damages, but the lawsuit didn't specify an exact amount.

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