QPOC Are Thriving HBO Max’s “Legendary” Trailer

Images via HBO Max

Well, shoot. Now we have to get another streaming service?

That’s the issue we’re currently considering after watching the trailer for the upcoming reality competition series Legendary. With FX show Pose bringing the QPOC world of Ballroom to the general populace’s attention, Hollywood has been looking for more ways to make money off the culture. What else is new? Despite that take on the situation, there’s also the positive take of seeing QPOC, and specifically Black LGBT people, thriving in their art form and expression. That’s exactly what you’ll see after checking out the trailer for HBO Max’s new show.


Legendary is tv/streaming’s first competition show based on the ballroom scene. It will feature eight prominent houses within the scene as they compete in a series of categories. This includes performance, runway, fashion, and face competitions. The first season of the series will follow nine balls in total and the winning house will be awarded $100,000. According to Out Magazine, this is the largest ballroom prize in known recorded history. The second largest being the Rihanna-sponsored face category at the Miyake-Mugler ball in 2019.


But who all is involved in this show? Unfortunately, HBO Max has chosen not to disclose the names of the Houses involved. Perhaps this was in an effort to keep the suspense before the show’s premiere. Though, HBO Max has released info about the celebrity talent connected to the series. The panel of judges includes rapper Megan Thee Stallion; actress Jameela Jamil (who came out after landing this gig); Law Roach; and ballroom performer/model/activist Leiomy Maldonado. In addition, Dashaun Wesley acts as the host/Master of Ceremonies and MikeQ performs as the DJ.

Legendary will premiere on May 27, so we don’t have long to wait. But, we do have to subscribe to the new streaming platform, HBO Max, in order to enjoy the program. Which, brings up back to our initial dilemma.

Source: Out Magazine

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