‘Queen Charlotte’s Sam Clemmett & Freddie Dennis on LGBTQ+ Roles

Sam Clemmett and Freddie Dennis are starring in the prequel spin-off series of Netflix’s hit show ‘Bridgerton,’ and the two of them are an LGBTQ+ couple in ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.’

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Aside from the historical drama’s focus, which is mainly on Young Queen Charlotte (India Amarteifio) and Young King George’s (Corey Mylchreest) love story, their right-hand men Young Brimsley (Clemmett) and Reynolds (Dennis) also have a secret relationship over the course of the six-episode series.


Spoiler incoming…

However, the couple’s relationship ends without further explanation for the viewers. What Brimsley and Reynolds have seems to be purely sexual at first, but their bond was eventually depicted to be sweet and loving.

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Sadly enough, Reynolds is nowhere to be found in present day ‘Bridgerton,’ and older Brimsley (Hugh Sachs) is dancing alone in one of ‘Queen Charlotte’s final scenes. In an interview with TODAY, the actors shared their thoughts on their characters’ futures.


“I really hope he’s not dead, I’ll tell you that,” Dennis admitted.

Meanwhile, Clemmett, who shared that he likes to think that Reynolds is on a “holiday,” stated:

“I’m waiting for him to come back.”

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Moreover, the duo also expressed how proud they are to portray an LGBTQ+ couple in the show.

“We’re both very, very proud to be able to tell the first LGBTQIA+ story within the Bridgerton-verse. And Shonda [Rhimes] has written these two very, very rich characters. It was a very empowering process for us to tell their story. She’s created such an inclusive and diverse world, so to be able to be a part of it, let alone tell their stories, has filled me with an immense sense of pride,” Clemmetts told EW.

Dennis further stated:

“Bridgerton is famous for its inclusivity and diversity. It’s an immense privilege, and we are filled with such pride to bring an LGBTQ+ story to a period drama. People have to feel represented by what they’re watching on screen. The society within which we live should be reflected in what people see.”


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  1. They don’t play a lgbblahblah couple they play a gay couple! Stop erasing the word gay when referring to gay men!


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