Queen of New Wave: Jane Wiedlin’s Fortune Examined

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I know you’re thinking the lyrics to ‘We Got the Beat’ after clicking this article… 

I was born more than 10 years after her heyday, but even I know of the greatness that is Jane Wiedlin. She’s a platinum selling singer, accomplished songwriter and composure, a Grammy Nominee, a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, actress, reality TV star and one of the first unofficial voices for the BDSM movement. She’s also bisexual, having come out publicly in 2011. But the big question remains, has her fortune rolled over from the 1980s to the 2020s like unused cell phone minutes? 


You’re about to find out! 

Although they started in 1978, Jane Wiedlin and The Go-Go’s received their big break in 1981. Together, they released the chart topping, 2x platinum selling album ‘Beauty and the Beat’ and gold-certified follow-up ‘Vacation.’ While the rocker’s next two albums as the lead singer of The Go-Go’s failed to make many waves, they still boast top 20 singles including ‘We Got the Beat” (#2), ‘Vacation’ (#8), ‘Head Over Heels’ (#11) and ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ (20). 

The Go-Go’s disbanded in 1985, briefly reunited in 1990 and 1994, then returned to part time touring in 1999. In 2020, partially in support of their Sundance documentary, the group released ‘Club Zero’ – which extended their chart success into a new decade when it debuted at #7 on the Rock Digital and #38 on the Adult Alternative charts. The continued success of The Go-Go’s always managed to eclipse Jane’s second group, The Hex Girls. A fictional band created for the 1999 Scooby Doo movie, The Witch’s Ghost, they’ve since appeared in over a dozen incarnations of Scooby Doo, released a soundtrack album and six singles. 


As a soloist, Ms. Wiedlin has released five albums between 1985 and 2000. As with The Go-Go’s, the first two additions to her music catalog were the most profitable. However, her second album, 1988’s ‘Fur,’ birthed the top 10 single ‘Rush Hour.’

Jane’s acting resume sees a ton of bit parts, self-portrayals and voice-over gigs, but she was a part of many cult classics including Clue, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Because it’s almost required of icons from another generation at this point, Jane co-starred in two reality shows in the mid 2000s – The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady. Not too bad for a woman, now age 65, originally hailing from Wisconsin who went from punk rock goddess to a celebrity with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

To her credit, Ms. Wiedlin has always used her platform for good intentions. Not only does she aim to inspire and uplift, but she also lends her voice to special causes and tries to start an uproar when one is certainly needed. She’s worked with PETA on numerous occasions and is an unofficial spokesperson for mental health awareness. Not only that, but she’s an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. While she will officiate any couple who wants to tie the knock, she has a strong following for helping gay couples walk down the aisle. 


So… what’s her bank account look like?

According to Celebrity Net Worth and Idol Net Worth, Jane Wiedlin has an estimated value of $8,000,000.

Way to go, girl! 

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  1. Jane Wiedlin is great, but she was never lead singer of the GoGo’s. Belinda Carlisle was the lead singer. Wiedlin was rhythm guitarist and backup vocals.
    Also, three of the four the singles you mention as coming from their last two albums are actually from the first and second album.

    The reason her fortune is intact is because she and Charlotte Caffey were the primary songwriters for the band on all four albums, and because of this they got paid substantially more than the other three women in the band. Caffey and Wiedlin continue to receive royalties as songwriters when their songs are covered, used in movies, commercials etc., while the other women don’t get paid. A dispute over pay parity is what actually drove the band to its final breakup.

    90 seconds on Wikipedia could have told you most or all of this.

    Do your homework, people.


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