‘Queen Of The Universe’ Reveals A Sickening Cast And Trailer

While RuPaul’s Drag Race might have the market cornered on reality show competition right now (garnering a record number of well-deserved Emmy Awards in various categories), the newest competition series Queen of the Universe is adding a little more sparkle to the genre. Taking the qualities we love from Drag Race (stunning looks and queens we root on week after week) and merging them with live singing, we have another unique and sure to be water-cooler moment ready competition series from World of Wonder and RuPaul (both of which are Executive Producers on Queen of the Universe). The format for the show has fourteen dazzling drag queens from ten different countries performing new musical numbers weekly before a live audience, where they are competing for a $250,000 prize 

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The queens themselves represent areas all over the globe including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Denmark, Australia, Canada, England, France, China, and India. The cast includes Ada Vox (San Antonio, Texas; United States), Aria B. Cassadine (Atlanta, Ga; United States), Betty Bitschlap (Copenhaganm, Denmark), Chy’enne Valentino (Chicago, IL; United States), Gingzilla (Sydney, Australia), Grag Queen (Canela, Brazil), Jujubee (Boston, MA; United States), La Voix (London, England), Leona Winter (Paris, France), Matante Alex (Montreal, Canada), Novaczar (New York, N.Y.; United States), Rani Ko-He-Nur (Mumbai, India), Regina Voce (Mexico City, Mexico), Woowu (Guangzhou, China).



Keen-eyed viewers will immediately notice some of the names are very familiar. Ada Vox (representing the United States) is a former American Idol standout, Leona Winter won The Switch (Chile’s version of Drag Race) while LaVoix is a nationally known drag performer who competed on Britain’s Got Talent and has performed for the British Royal Family. Finally, Jujubee is a RuPaul’s Drag Race legend, managing to get to the finale of both Drag Race Season 2 and All Stars 4. The previously announced judges have no intention of letting the previous accomplishments of some of these performers influence their keen-eyed judging skills. RuPaul’s Drag Race judge and recording artist Michelle Visage, multi-talented dynamo Vanessa Williams, Grammy-nominated Leona Lewis, and country/pop/folk performer and All Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel round out a powerhouse judges panel, while Great Britain institution and talk-show host Graham Norton serves as host of Queen of the Universe

‘Queen of the Universe’ premieres December 2nd on Paramount +

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