Queer As Folk Reboot Heading To Bravo!

Queer As Folk Reboot Heading To Bravo!

Oh My God It’s Finally Happening!

According to Variety, Queer as Folk is being rebooted, not revised, on Bravo! The original creator, genius Russell T. Davies, will be a part of the project serving as executive producer. Stephen Dunn is set to write and direct. I’ve tried my damnest to find out which of Dunn’s work I can now indulge in to investigate his craft, and I’m pretty certain his previous work is Indie films such as Closet Monster and Life Doesn’t Frighten Me. But, don't quote me just yet.

While the original Queer as Folk ran for ten episodes in 1999 in the United Kingdom, we may be more familiar when the series hit Showtime in 2000 and gave us five seasons of Michael (Hal Sparks), Ted (Scott Lowell), Emmett (Peter Paige), and Brian (Gale Harold) navigating through their adult lives finding love, failure, and so much more. This series absolutely changed my life after discovering it when I was in high school, so I cannot wait for this next version! Seriously, I want to name my eventual dog Daphne in honor of Makyla Smith. I may be a little weary it’s heading to Bravo, only because like, I want my Folk raunchy and real, not watered down for television. But, I have the highest of hopes with Davies still in charge.

Don’t expect any continued stories or seeing some Brian versus Justin (Randy Harrison) storyline in the reboot. We’re getting all new characters in a new setting which follows a group of club going friends who find support in the gay community after a tragedy.

This can be spun in so many ways. When I hear of club and tragedy in the same sentence, I think of the Pulse Massacre, but that is probably off limits for the premise of the series. But, who knows?! I’m predicting online dating drama, Prep conversations, and likely a few cameos of drag queens playing themselves. I’m on the edge of my seat for this series and will be updating you constantly with new information as it pulls in!

Can we please start a petition now that the annoying tweens don’t start hash tagging this #QueerAF (as f*ck), because I’ll have just, so much to say about that.

7 thoughts on “Queer As Folk Reboot Heading To Bravo!”

  1. This is awesome. I watched

    This is awesome. I watched every one on Showtime, and taped them. It was my textbook for gay 101. I still watch them. 

  2. I would want to be a part of

    I would want to be a part of this project during this time period. Especially being gay and having a child. The things that have changed since the original are extraordinary. So excited to see what’s going to be done with this. 

  3. Finally a show to look

    Finally a show to look forward to. All the garbage on tv never ends. Hope the new show is just as good as showtime and pushes the boundaries of hot topics. 

  4. As an almost geriatric gay

    As an almost geriatric gay man who was in his (late) prime when the original series hit, and so could still relate to the characters (to a certain extent) . . . It might be educational for MY generation to see . . . If it's true to contemporary life. The dynamics between the various different aspects of our community are SO DIFFERENT from even 15 years ago . . . Let's hope it will be true somewhat true to its original concept.

  5. We don’t need another show on

    We don't need another show on tv to show how tragic the gay community is there is no modern day community… I'm homeless now lost everything because of the gay community I rather hang out with heterosexual . It was a lesbian owner I worked for that denied me to bury my mother Now put that on tv 

    • Does your company have

      Does your company have bereavement time for family deaths ?  IF this would have done this to me, I would say bye bye LESBO amd move onto a different respectable job that has respect for their employees and family emergencies or deaths.  So to hear that Lesbian was a really bitch. 


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