Queer Britain Museum Will “Aim To Tell Our Many, Diverse Histories…”

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The first-ever national museum dedicated to queer history is set to open this spring in London. Queer Britian has been in the works since 2018, but only recently found a home. The museum will be “an inclusive place that promises to welcome everyone regardless of sexuality or gender identity,” organizers have said.

The Queer Britain team outside the venue for their new museum. (Provided)

Many of those on the board of Queer Britian have spoken about the need and purpose of a national museum dedicated exclusively to the history of the LGBTQ community,

“I’m really excited that Queer Britain is finally going to have a space to show what we can do and that we’re here for all the community, from old lesbian feminist warhorses like me to young queer folk of all genders and ethnicities. Queer Britain aims to tell our many and diverse histories, and now we have a home to do that from.” – Lisa Power, Queer Britian trustee


“The UK is finally getting the LGBTQ+ museum it deserves, to reflect and celebrate all our exciting and wildly diverse communities, whatever their sexualities, gender identities, backgrounds, ability or heritage. Community lives in unity.” – Anjum Mouj, Queer Britian trustee



“We are delighted to have found our first home in beautiful Granary Square with Art Fund as our first landlord. It’s a prime location accessible to swathes of the country, and in a part of town with a rich queer heritage.” – Joseph Galiano, director and co-founder of the musuem

As previously reported by Pink News, “the museum will be located in the Kings Cross section of London and will include four galleries, a workshop, an education space, a gift shop, and it all also be home to offices for the team.” Admission to the museum will always be free organizers have promised.

A National LGBT Museum here in the USA “dedicated to sharing the heritage of LGBT people, a story that unites millions of individuals but is rarely represented in mainstream museums,” is still in the conceptual stages. Hoping to find a home in New York City, you can visit their website here.

Sources: Pink News

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