Queer Eye is Finally Heading to Japan

Get your kimonos ready because Queer Eye’s Fab Five are finally headed for Japan! That’s right–Jonathan, Karamo, Tan, Bobby, and Antoni are packing their bags and heading to the Land of the Rising Sun to inject some fierceness into Tokyo for a special edition of QE.


After a popular last season that featured Jonathan returning to make a difference at his high school and turning the life around for a disabled single dad who needed help achieving some closure, Netflix announced today that a special season of Queer Eye will be released on November 1st.





It’s no secret that the Fab Five had been exploring Japan almost a year ago so many fans have been waiting for this announcement for months!



If these shots are any indication of what this special season of QE will be like…we ready for it!

The season will follow the Fab Five as they make a difference in the lives of four worthy individuals.

Earlier this year, Antoni Porowski shared with Entertainment Tonight:

Our outfits are insane, are totally bonkers. I think you’re gonna fall in love with the heroes again. We thought we were going to be so different going in, at least I did — but there are a lot of cultural differences and how we express love, and it’s really interesting to navigate — but at the end of the day, one needs to be told that they are worthy. Everyone deserves love, and everyone needs to show their love to at least one other person in their life.

Source: Entertainment Tonight


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