Queer Eye Parody Makes Us Want #PrintedShirts Real Bad

To be honest, I have not watched the new Queer Eye as of yet.  One of our contributing writers is all about it and was fortunate enough to interview one of the new Fab 5, Instinct Magazine Exclusive with 'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown!

Just last month, we asked Have You Seen the 'Queer Eye/SNL' Crossover? and I did watch that with my hunky Pete Davidson from "Saturday Night Live" and Tan France from "Queer Eye."  I enjoyed it, but was not sure of the denim undershirt in the last look.

But it's fun little jabs at the show that are making me want to view the real thing.  Here's a new parody from YouTube personality Benito Skinner.

I love Netflix’s Queer Eye so much, I HAD to make a parody… hope you enjoy henny!!! #PrintedShirts ***All Queer Eye footage and audio used in the video belong to Netflix and are being used for artistic purposes ONLY*** For the record, I cried every episode and think the show is AMAZING. So this parody is in good fun, with no malicious intent whatsoever.

Let's see how Benito did.



Yep, #printedshirts. I'm hooked on this comedic take on the show and will now need to watch the real thing.

Did he get it right?

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