‘Queer Eye’ Star Karamo Brown Celebrates 3 Years with BF Carlos Medel

Karamo Brown recently celebrated three years of love with partner Carlos Medel, and he posted a heartfelt message along with a series of adorable couple photos to commemorate their very special day. <3

“3 years… 2 daughters [referring to their rescue pet dogs], 10 counties, 100’s of selfies, 1000 adventures, 20,000 slow dances & I pinch myself every morning because I can’t believe I get to walk this life with such a wonderful, kind, honest and loving person. Te quiero mucho mi vida! #HappyAnniversary,” the 43-year-old reality TV star wrote.

Meanwhile, Medel, who is a photographer and CEO of Another Brand Cosmetics, commented:


“Happy anniversary my love ! I love [you] so much ! The happiest 3 years !”

Moreover, Brown met Mendel by chance on Instagram after his breakup with former fiancé and partner of 10 years, Ian Jordan, during the pandemic in 2020. The ‘Queer Eye’ star happened to “accidentally” like one of Mendel’s photos, which was the beginning of their love story.


“I was looking at beauty things. I like to watch makeup and hair things because they relax me, even though I’m bald and he’s a beauty photographer. So he shoots the make-up for Kylie Cosmetics, all these big brands. I saw his and it was like, these are some beautiful shots and I accidentally clicked a photo. He saw it and said, thank you for liking my work and that’s how we met,” Brown told Catt Sadler on her virtual talk show A Drink With Live! in 2021.

Source: thepinknews.com

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