‘Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown Opens Up About Wanting to Get Married

Karamo Brown is ready to take his relationship to another level, as he recently opened up about wanting to get married.

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In a recent interview with Page Six, the 42-year-old ‘Queer Eye’ star admitted that his “biological clock is ticking,” and that he is ready for marriage. However, he noted that he’s trying not to put too much pressure on his current boyfriend, Carlos Medel.


“I’m trying not to be the boyfriend that pressures while also dropping hints,” Brown joked.

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He has been dating photographer Medel for the last two years after his relationship with Ian Jordan ended. The TV host and Jordan were together for 10 years, and they were previously engaged, however, they called off their engagement during the pandemic.

“We were supposed to get married, and the pandemic made us realize that there are some things we need to work on, and we weren’t able to work them out and I was willing to, but it just didn’t work,” Brown shared.


As for his current relationship with Medel, he expressed:

“And now we’re at a place where with my new partner, we’re not having any issues. Things are great.”

Moreover, Brown, who is openly gay, is a single father to sons Jason and Chris. In 2007, he found out that he has a 10-year-old son named Jason, which he received custody of. He thereafter adopted Jason’s half-brother Chris in 2010.

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