Queer Film ‘Solo’ Is One of TIFF’s Diverse Films in 2023

This year’s Toronto International Film Festival introduces movies with diverse representation for their Quebec Feature Slate — one of which being the queer film ‘Solo’.

(c) Solo / TIFF

The feature is written and directed by Sophie Dupuis, and she recently told Variety about the improvement of government funding agencies for women filmmakers in Quebec. 


“When it comes to bigger budgets, we’re getting there. I’m happy for Quebec to have all these films by women being celebrated around the world,” she stated.

‘Solo’ tells the story of an up-and-coming young drag queen named Simon (Théodore Pellerin). The synopsis of the film reads:

“Follows Simon, who must deal with the disappointment of two impossible loves: a passionate but destructive crush on Oliver and a distant and cold relationship with his mother Claire, who has just moved back in after a 15-year absence.”

Moreover, Dupuis shared how she feels to have her queer film be shown at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, and how representation can inspire other members of the LGBTQ+ community.


“To have a queer story on the TIFF Gala screen and to celebrate this together on the red carpet is huge. The majority of the cast is queer, and we know this kind of film can change lives — even save lives. It can be a validation for some people who need that right now,” she further expressed.

You can watch ‘Solo’s trailer here:

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