Queer Icons Still Alive In 2017

If your Facebook feed was anything like mine it would have been full of so much cursing and swearing against the year 2016 during that last week you would have thought the year had a demonic persona of its own.  Matt Baume reminds us that yes …

We might have lost a lot of Queer Icons in 2016, but we have even more still alive and working in 2017. These Icons like Madonna and Diana Ross and John Waters are so very important to LGBTers for 2017 and beyond.


Here's Matt's latest video, "Queer Icons Still Alive in 2017 "





Matt couldn't cover all of the Icons that are still alive, like we are sure that the Oscars will miss someone in its "In Memoriam" piece as they always do, but he did hit on many of the powerful, gay, allies, actors, singers, etc.  Who did he miss that you may think is a very important Gay Icon right now? 


h/t:  Matt Baume

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